RAATE 2005 – Exhbition

Otto Bock Healthcare Plc

” Otto Bock – a leading global supplier in prosthetics and rehabilitation.

Otto Bock HealthCare is a leading global supplier of innovative products for people with limited mobility. Our vision is to excel as the global leader in maintaining and restoring human independence.” … Visit the Otto Bock website.

Toby Churchill Ltd

” Leading manufacturer of portable communication and environmental control aids for people of all ages with speech and physical disability. “…Visit the Toby Churchill website.

Possum controls Ltd

“For over 40 years Possum has designed and supplied a range of products to enhance the independence and quality of life for people with special needs.” …Visit the Possum website.

James Leckey Design

“Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to establishing James Leckey Design as the leading company specialising in equipment for children with disabilities.” …Visit the Leckey website.

Dynanox Systems Ltd

“DynaVox Systems is the world’s leading provider of advanced augmentative communication solutions. Our products help thousands of people with speech, language, learning, and physical disabilities express themselves more fully. Through the power of speech, these successful individuals have broken through the communication barrier to excel in the classroom, the workplace, and the community.” …Visit the Dynavox website.

Days Healthcare UK Ltd

Visit the Days website

Assist UK

“Assist UK leads a UK wide network of locally-situated Disabled Living Centres. Each centre includes a permanent exhibition of products and equipment that provide people with opportunities to see and try products and equipment and get information and advice from professional staff about what might suit them best.” …Visit the Assist UK website.

SRS Technology Ltd

“SRS Technology designs and manufactures a range of assistive technology products including the SRS Intellec and SRS Lite personal environmental control systems. These systems enable anyone to have control over their environment, regardless of disability.” …Visit the SRS website.

RSL Steeper

“For over 75 years, RSLSTEEPER has provided rehabilitation solutions to enable patients to live full and independent lives. This includes a range of high quality prosthetic, orthotic and assistive technology solutions catered to the needs of the individual user.” …Visit the RSL Steeper website.

Last edit: Simon Judge – 5th April 2006