About RAatE

RAatE 2008 is the only UK conference focused on the latest innovations in Assistive Technology. This conference will be of interest to everyone who uses, works with, develops or conducts research on Assistive Technology (AT).

The conference program has, over the past years, regularly included new technological developments, service innovations, results of formal research projects, service based research and development and a wide range of other stimulating topics. Known as a friendly and productive conference, RAatE offers you a chance to meet and share knowledge and experience with other people working in AT. More information:

RAatE attracts a multi-professional, multi-agency audience, including:

  • Occupational therapists, Speech and language therapists and Physiotherapists
  • Rehabilitation engineers, Clinical technologists and Clinical scientists
  • Teachers, IT co-ordinators and Disability officers
  • Researchers and Designers
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers

The range of AT considered at this meeting includes:

  • Powered mobility
  • Computer Access
  • Wheelchairs and Seating
  • Environmental control
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Telecare
  • Service Delivery
  • Product development
  • Education
  • AT in housing
  • Ageing and AT
  • Policy