How to Pass A Urine Drug Test For Weed

Urine drug testing remains the most common method of screening for drugs such as marijuana.

If you’ve come here looking for effective ways on how to pass a urine drug test for weed, then this article is for you.

Getting through a urine test may not be easy, especially if you’re a devoted cannabis enthusiast.

But, there are many useful strategies out there that you can use to come out negative. Many of these strategies are guaranteed ways to pass a pee test.

How Do Urine Drug Tests Work?

Before we go through how to test clean on a piss test, let’s first brush up on the basics. As we all know, a urine test is used to reveal past and present use of drug substances. Employers typically require their employees or pre-employment applicants to go through these testings to see if they use illegal substances. The results of these tests can have a significant influence on employment status or hiring decisions.

Urine tests are basically urinalysis, where a urine sample is taken from a testee. The piece is then analyzed for the presence of drug substances.


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The test typically occurs in a bathroom scenario designed for sample-taking. Depending on the entity conducting the test, the length of time formal reports become available varies. But, urine tests produce the fastest results, usually taking only 1 – 3 days.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Urine?

The duration THC stays in the urine varies from person to person. The most significant factors contributing to its remainder are metabolism, hydration, weed use frequency, and the THC levels in the consumed marijuana.

Compared to the detection window of a hair follicle test, which lasts up to 90 days, THC remains in the urine for only three days to a month, depending on the use frequency. Still, this shorter detection window doesn’t mean it’s easy to pass a piss test.

How to Successfully Test Clean on A Urine Test – Proven Methods

Before we go to the different methods available for you, it’s best to first prepare by setting up a plan of action.

There are two main ways of passing a urine drug test. You can either opt for detox products that are costly but more effective or natural home remedies that are uncomplicated and cheap but take longer to take effect.

Of course, there’s no stopping you from applying both simultaneously, which we’ll also get to later. Using detox products along with home remedies may just give you the best results.

Choosing The Right Method Based On Different Factors

The method that will best fit you depends on many factors. Let’s go over each one.

  • The Time Available Until Test Day

    Suddenly being asked to take a mandatory drug test can get you off guard. For many canna-enthusiast, this can be a scary scenario.

    If you’re asked to take a drug test, but you still have a few weeks in your hands, you can simply choose a couple of home detox remedies along with abstinence. After all, if you’re an infrequent user, all it takes is a couple of days to flush out cannabis in your urine. But, if you’re a die-hard fan, it’s going to take more than a few days. As mentioned, THC can stay in the urine for as long as a month. Trying to pass a drug test in 24 hours home remedies are also out of the picture since home remedies take longer compared to full-on formulated detox products such as pills and drinks. If you don’t have much time, your best bet would be to rely on detox products.

  • Physiology

    An individual’s weight and body fat contribute to how long THC can last in the urine and other parts of the body. The more body fat a person has, the more THC will be prevalent in the body. Fat absorbs THC, and the more there is in the body, the harder it is to flush THC metabolites out.

    If you have excessive body fat, you’re going to have to increase the intensity of your detox method. You can either increase the quantity of your detox product consumption or decrease the time intervals of your intake.

  • Marijuana Use Frequency

    Use frequency is arguably the most significant factor contributing to the duration marijuana stays in your body. If you’re just a light user, you can rid marijuana in your urine for 1 – 3 days, especially if you’re an excellent detox product.

    If you’re a heavy pot user, the only way you’re going to detox just in time is to use a reliable and robust detox formula.

  • Budget

    Your budget may also play a role in the kind of method you’ll want to use. You won’t have to worry about spending too much on home remedies since many of the ingredients you need can simply be found in your kitchen or bought at cheap.

    On the other hand, Detox products can come costly, especially if you’re eyeing something popular and proven. These products can be heavy on the wallet since they’re pretty much single-use. This means you’ll probably consume everything for your drug test. For example, Toxin Rid’s detox program can come as high as $200 for a 10-day detox.

How Does Detoxification Work?

Many detox products have been backed by not only user claims but scientific tests as well. Both home remedies and detox products have been proven effective at detoxifying or masking THC in the urine.

The detoxification process involves removing all traces and residues of drugs or alcohol in the body. When it comes to passing any drug screening methods, apart from outright cheating, detox is the only way to come out negative for drug users.

During the detox process, alcohol and drug metabolites are slowly removed from the body. The goal is to eliminate the slightest traces of these substances before the day of the drug test.

The Best Detox Products To Pass A Drug Screen

There are many different detox products that you can use to pass a pee drug test. By consuming these products, you’ll hasten your body’s natural detox process, eliminating traces of substances that can result in you testing positive.

Detox products can either be full-blown detox kits, detox drinks, or detox supplements. Let’s take a look at two of the best detox products out there, which arguably can be the best way to pass urine drug test.

#1 – Toxin Rid’s Detox Program

Toxin Rid is one of the most popular brands for detoxing. Its product line caters to both urine and hair follicle detoxing.

Apart from its aloe-based shampoos, one of its sought products is its comprehensive detoxification kits, ranging from a 1-day stint to a full-on 10-day program.

The program length that will be the most effective for you depends mainly on your use frequency. If you’re an extreme cannabis user, the 10-day program will likely be suited.

On the other hand, if you’re an infrequent user, a 1 – 5 day program can be enough for a complete detox.

This product consists of a three-part detoxification system: pre-rid tablets, dietary fibers, and liquid detox.

Pros & Cons

  • This product is effective for all cannabis enthusiasts, from light to heavy users.
  • It detoxes not only urine but blood and saliva as well.
  • It is certified and guaranteed to contain natural ingredients.
  • It boasts a three-part detox system for best results.
  • The pre-rid tablets will begin to take effect in just one hour after consumption.
  • Features a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Compared to other alternatives, it’s a bit costly. But you do get what you pay for.
  • The program involves excessive water consumption, which puts one at risk of water intoxication.
  • While effective, it still can induce side effects. There have been reports that it causes diarrhea.

#2 Detoxify Mega Clean

Detoxify’s Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse is another influential and in-demand detox product for beating a urine drug test. This product is a detox drink, and like many other detox drinks, it works through dilution.

Mega Clean can “mask” drug metabolites in the urine by diluting their concentration with water content. After drinking it per the given instructions, it should be potent enough to mask THC in the urine on your test day, resulting in you coming out clean.

When it comes to reception, like Toxin Rid’s detox kit, this product receives consistent, well-rounded reviews from users worldwide, signifying it as a robust detox product.

Pros and Cons

  • It contains natural B-vitamins, which help get urine back to its natural appearance after detox.
  • It contains natural ingredients such as herbs.
  • It contains creatine which helps in further concealing the intentional dilution.
  • Its effects can be immediate.
  • It boasts flavors, which gives it the appeal of a regular juice drink.
  • This product is only effective for a urine test, unlike Toxin Rid’s detox kits, which also help blood and saliva detox.
  • Technically, it doesn’t totally detox your urine. Instead, it dilutes it, masking it specifically for the day of the test.

Will You Need A Backup Plan?

Detoxing is arguably the best way to pass a urine drug test without resorting to more risky approaches. But, they’re simply not 100% guaranteed to work. This means that while these products have helped many, there’s still no guarantee that they’ll work for you unless you try them out for yourself.

If these products aren’t practical for you, there might still be some ways to come out negative. However, these “backup plans” aren’t recommended as they’re risky and might get you into more trouble.

Using Synthetic Urine

Many employers leave their employees in the dark regarding the scheduled date for their drug testing. This can put them in a panic since they’ll have no way of knowing if they can detox in time.

Turning to fake, synthetic urine is the only option for many individuals trying to pass a urine drug test.

One of the best synthetic urine products out there is TestClear’s Powdered Synthetic Urine. This product resembles clean human urine in color and even composition, allowing you to fool testers with a fake sample.

Another widely-used synthetic pee product is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Like TestClear’s formula, this one is also designed to mimic real urine in appearance and quality.

If you like to take it a step further, you can opt for The Urinator, a device you can wear during test day. This device allows you to discretely dispense fake pee on a sample bottle to make the process look authentic.

Urine Luck, a product designed for individuals facing surprise drug tests, becomes a valuable ally when employers withhold testing schedules. This product offers a solution that adds intrigue and strategy to the process of passing these unannounced screenings.

Home Remedies To Pass A Urine Drug Test

While detox products like pills and drinks are the most effective, home remedies are also proven to work. However, these methods usually take a lot longer before they bring results. If you’re looking to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally, it’s best to skip these methods and just opt for detox kits and drinks.

If you have more time on your hands, you can use the methods listed below. These methods are considered natural, and many of them go well with your body’s natural detoxification process.

Diluting By Drinking Lots of Water

Water intake is an effective way to get rid of toxins in the body. This method can complement any strategy, whether you’re using a detox kit or other home remedies. By drinking plenty of water, you’ll be able to flush toxins out of your system, slowly but surely.

Water can also help dilute urine, especially if your test day is on the horizon. Diluted urine can mask THC content just enough for it to test negative on drug metabolites.

Taking Vitamins B-2 and B-12

Taking vitamins B-2 and B-12 can also help you pass a drug test. However, it doesn’t necessarily detox. What it does is assist your dilution strategy. When you take a detox drink or dilute with water, your urine’s appearance can drastically change, making it colorless. The altered appearance may alert testers of a performed dilution.

Vitamins B-2 and B-12 have properties that can bring back your urine’s natural yellowish color, making it look authentic and concealing its attempted dilution.

Using Diuretics

Diuretics, also known as water tablets, are used to increase urine production in the body. Because of the way they hasten urine production, diuretics can be used as a way to dilute. Products such as Midol are often used to increase water content and decrease drug residues, producing the masking effect of a detox drink.

Consuming Aspirin Hours Before The Test

There have been scientific studies that show salicylates like aspirin conceal drug toxins in the urine. By taking an aspirin a couple of hours before you dispense your pee sample, it may be able to help mask its THC content. These medicines are easy to get since they’re over-the-counter.

Doing Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can boost metabolism, thereby speeding up the process of detoxification. Exercise is an excellent home remedy since it helps detoxify your body and promotes a healthier lifestyle for you. Doing a physical activity, particularly cardio training, burns fat faster than just simply being idle.

Remember that THC is absorbed and stored inside fat cells. By burning these fat cells, your body is going to detox at a much-accelerated rate.

Consuming Cranberry-Based Products

Cranberry is known as a natural detoxifying fruit that can help hasten the body’s detox process. There are many cranberry-based products on the market, such as drinks and supplements. These products are also easy to get. Cranberries have diuretic properties, which means they can increase urine production.

Zinc as A Supplement

Like salicylates, zinc is also known to tuck away THC metabolites in the urine. However, this strategy might only be effective if you’re an infrequent cannabis user. Still, you can take zinc alongside another detox method to increase your chances of success. Zinc is best taken at least 12 to 18 hours before the urine test to take advantage of its masking properties.

Fruit Pectin

Fruit pectin is a soluble fiber found in fruits such as apples, plums, and citrus fruits. This natural substance has been gaining popularity for its theorized ability to mask urine during a test. One of the most widely-used pectin-based products is Certo’s Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin. Many cannabis enthusiasts use Certo alongside their detox strategy.

Getting A Sauna Detox

Being in a sauna provides many benefits, from relaxation to increased metabolism, making it another popular method of speeding up the detox process. Saunas allow you to release sweat at an increased rate. Since sweat contains THC, you’ll be able to flush them out at a much quicker pace.

Sauna is an easily accessible detox remedy. You can either do it at home or a sauna place near you.

A Summary of Detox Remedies

There are many brand names out there when it comes to detox products. Many of them claim to help pass a drug screen. However, you can still find cases here and there where these products failed to be effective. Before trying out a detox product, it’s always a good idea to do your homework, learning about it as much as you can before taking out your wallet.

While there are many ways to outsmart your drug test, they won’t help you unless you stop consuming marijuana altogether. Before you scour the web searching for how to pass UA, make sure that you’re ready to commit to complete abstinence.

FAQs About Urine Drug Tests

What Other Drugs Can A Urinalysis Detect?

A urine screening can detect a multitude of other drugs apart from cannabis. It is used to reveal both legal and illegal substances, from hard drugs to over-the-counter medication.

Substances urine tests can reveal include amphetamines, benzodiazepines, opiates, cocaine, and alcohol.

On a federal level, cheating a drug test isn’t considered illegal. However, on a state level, it’s a different story. Some states have passed laws that make any form of cheating a drug test illegal. As of this writing, more than a dozen states in the US have passed anti-drug test cheating laws.

If caught cheating, one may face charges such as fines or jail time. It’s best to check in with your state’s laws regarding this matter.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Various factors affect how long you’ll be able to flush THC out of your system. The biggest factor is, of course, use frequency. It will take a lot longer to detox if you’re a chronic user than if you’re just a light user. Metabolism also plays a significant factor. If your rate of metabolism is accelerated, you’ll take a shorter time to flush any toxin in your body.

Weight, body fat, and the way you hydrate also affect how long detox takes. Lastly, not all cannabis products have the same THC content. Some have a higher concentration than others. If what you regularly consume has high THC content, flushing them out will be more challenging.