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Recent Advances in Assistive Technology and Engineering Conference Information

RAate Conference

RAate (Recent Advances in Assistive Technology and Engineering) was a conference that took place in 2014 and was the only conference in the UK that was based around the latest innovations in assistive technology. This conference was for those who has an interest in assistive technology or those who work with, develop or research assistive technology.

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Topics Covered at the Conference

  • Innovative Landscape
  • AT and Education
  • Research and Designers
  • Rehabilitation Engineers
  • Clinical Technologists and Scientists
  • Therapists; Occupational, Speech and Language, Physiotherapists
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers

The conference located in Birmingham, had many exhibition stalls set up which allowed visitors to walk around and find out more about specific assistive technologies that are currently being developed. Each stall would have a different purpose although many would be showing how their assistive technology works and improvements that have been made through the development and funding of their work.

At the conference in 2014 there were two keynote speakers, both of which are from the assistive technology industry. Professor Ian Swain who created the first NHS commercial company, Odstock Medical Ltd. and Kate Allatt who helped develop a cure for Locked In Syndrome.