Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Urine And Drug Test

Drug testing and drug testing policies continue to evolve. There have been a lot of changes in how we conduct the drug tests and how we administer them. Companies are now embracing different techniques and tactics to get accurate results that represent the right picture. The thinking behind embracing these different tactics is to ensure that they keep the workplace safe and secure. The drug usually stay in your body for days or even months. However, that should not worry you. There are still so many ways you can still pass the test. Even though companies continue to make a wide range of changes in their drug-related policies, there is still a way you can change this.

One of the ways you can do this is by the use of synthetic urine. This creative way helps you from getting caught by bringing in someone else’s urine or using drugs that flush your system.

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What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is manufactured from chemicals that are usually in normal urine. Manufacturers make it look and smell just like regular urine. Originally synthetic urine was used to test how strong diapers, mattresses, and cleaning agents are for home and medical services. They were also used in alternative medicine and science experiments to improve the testing efficiency of some agents used in drug tests. Some of the materials used to make the best synthetic urine are:

  • Uric Acid
  • Urea
  • pH
  • Creatinine
  • Ammonia
  • Yellow coloring
  • Specific gravity
  • Sulfate
  • Potassium
  • Chloride

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

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Manufacturers use these ingredients and mix them perfectly to make the perfect synthetic urine. Synthetic urine comes in two forms they include:

  1. Powdered Urine
    This is urine manufactured into powder form and is usually dehydrated human urine. The powdered urine is usually passed through distilled water so it can become a urine solution. It comes in the form of a vial.Benefits of using powdered synthetic urine
    • The foam and smell make it exactly as the one normal urine makes.
    • Longer shelf life compared to liquid synthetic urine.
    • It can be stored much easily compared to liquid vials.
    • It is made from human urine and has its properties.

    Drawbacks of using powdered synthetic urine

    • There are many instructions to prepare it for a test, and failure to follow the process results in waste.
    • Due to the huge amounts of preparation needed, the process might end up going wrong.
    • If you mix it in your office or a public space, you will likely get caught due to the many instructions you need to follow.
  2. Liquid Synthetic Urine
    Liquid synthetic urine comes from the mixing of chemicals that are present in normal urine. There is no need to put any extra elements, as the manufacturer has already prepared it. You just need to warm and shake it before using it. It comes in the form of a vial.Benefits of using Liquid Synthetic urine
    • No need for any procedures as it is already fully prepared by the manufacturer.
    • No one can spot you at the office or in a public space while preparing it due to the small procedure involved in using it.
    • Little to no errors regarding the results as there are no complex steps when preparing the vials.

    Drawbacks of to using Liquid Synthetic Urine

    • Liquid synthetic urine has a short shelf life compared to powdered synthetic urine.
    • Failure to warm and shake the urine might result in fake urine for the drug test, and you will need to face the consequences for it.

How to know you have the best fake piss kit?

Many manufacturers claim to make synthetic urine. This might end up causing you to be confused about which product to use or what product to pick. However, you do not have to worry about that, as there is a criterion you can use to ensure that you will get the best fake pee test kit. Some of the things you should be keen about when buying a fake test kit for urine include:

  1. Temperature. For a urine sample to be effective, the temperature must be at its best. The standard temperature for a proper urine kit should be 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (32-38 degrees Celsius). When looking for synthetic urine, make sure to preheat it to fall under the temperatures mentioned above. Ensure that the urine is not too cold or hot to make anyone suspicious regarding your sample.
  2. Look at the ingredients. Please consider the ingredients used in preparing the synthetic urine you are using. Make sure that it has the right amounts of pH ranging from around 5 to 7, has a high amount of Creatinine, enough chloride, urea, uric acid, potassium, dissolved ions, and water. In addition, ensure that the urine has a strong presence of Vitamin B to be an effective sample.
  3. Appearance. When going for synthetic urine, ensure that the color and appearance match the exact one as regular urine. Go for products that give out a yellowish color and odor. Any odorless or clear urine usually invites a lot of suspicion from the lab technicians handling your sample, making them ask you to repeat your test.
  4. Cost and the place of buying synthetic urine. Avoid low-cost products or sketchy websites that seem to be offering you a deal when it comes to synthetic urine. If you have to use a third-party site like Amazon, ensure that you check out the review to avoid getting scammed. Make sure that you are buying only high-quality products. Please look at the branding or packaging and some reviews to get a better insight into the product.
  5. Ease of use. If you use a fake urine kit for drug test, make sure that it is easy to use. Avoid going for products that have a lot of instructions. This is because you might end up getting confused and fumbling. This causes your results to become null, which might result in having to retake the whole test. Before buying a product, check the instructions that come along with it to avoid any confusion. In addition, check the online reviews. Even though reviews are not expert critic opinions, they offer first-hand insight from the consumer. They also help you by deciding on your purchase decision.

How to Prepare For a Fake Urine Test?

You must follow many instructions for your synthetic urine test sample to work. The preparations vary depending on the type of urine that you have opted to use. However, you have to ensure that you have a proper fake pee test kit that is high quality and will look and smell like urine.

When purchasing any test kit, make sure it has:

  • A vial with either liquid or powdered urine
  • A vial to help you carry the urine to the test
  • Temperature strip for your vial

Here are ways you can prepare for both powdered and liquid urine:

  1. For powdered urine
    • After purchasing the vial, take it and open it. (You can purchase a kit that comes with a vial or belt that allows you to look like you are peeing).
    • Pour the contents of the vial into a larger bottle and add distilled water. Do not use normal tap water as it is likely to alter the results of the tests.
    • Shake the bottle well enough to ensure that it foams and all the powder is dissolved.
    • Heat the vial until it reaches at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 34 degrees Celsius.
  2. For Liquid urine
    • Once you have purchased the vial and belt, open the container.
    • Heat the container for at least 10 seconds to get the temperature up to 95/ 34 Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Remember that temperature is very vital when preparing for a drug test. If the sample you submit is too hot or too cold, it might raise suspicion, and you might end up redoing the whole test again. In addition, the product you are using must be of high quality. This will help you avoid having a null result which might give an employer any suspicions about your sample.

How to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine?

After preparing and following all the instructions for your test, it is essential to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

What to do in order not to get caught?

Sneaking into a drug test with fake urine can be a bit of a hassle, and you need to be careful when doing it. For instance, do not put the sample in your jacket, pocket, or socks. Most companies have noted that this is where most people hide their samples. This is why some companies ask people not to wear any jackets and frisk you before any test is done. A proper place to hide a sample might be near your crotch area for men or in your bra for women. You can also place your sample under your armpit to continue keeping it warm.

Some companies sell belts that come with a holder for your sample. The belt is then infused with a tube that makes it look like you might be peeing if your test has to be supervised by someone. Remember, you only need a small sample of the test urine kit to get yourself one of those belts made by the manufacturer.

You can opt to use hand warmers to keep the urine sample warm. If you cannot use a hand warmer, you can keep the sample close to your skin as the body temperature allows you to keep it warm. For men, you can keep the sample near your crotch area. Some companies have air heaters that allow you to keep the urine warm on its own for at least six hours before the test. If your kit comes with such a heater, make sure that the heater is on for 45-60 minutes before the test. This way, you can keep your vial warm for your drug test.

Follow the instructions very carefully. Do not deviate from the manufacturer’s instructions if you opt to use synthetic urine. Make sure that when you are purchasing a product, the instructions are easy to follow. If you are not so sure about a product’s instructions, do not buy the product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Urine

  1. Why Can’t I borrow clean pee from my friend who doesn’t use weed?
    One of the tricks people used before was to get pee from a friend and then pass it off as their own. However, most employers and enforcement agencies realized this and have changed tact. For instance, you are not allowed to come into the testing area with anything in your pockets. Some do not even allow you to wear the jacket in the testing area.
    Moreover, if you heat and use someone else’s pee, you are likely to get caught. This is because most of the time, even if you heat it, the threshold for temperature is usually 980F. However, normal pee usually cools down at a fast rate, and by the time you are submitting it, the pee might be 920F, making your sample appear suspicious. As a result, you might need to retake the test.
  2. Can fake pee pass a drug test and be used for all tests? Can it be detected?
    Unlike other methods that help people evade positive drug tests, synthetic urine covers all bases. This is because there is no presence of any other drugs that can be detected even when employers request for a panel that tests for all drugs that might be present in your system. However, to avoid any doubt, make sure that you have followed the instructions provided by the manufacturer and that the temperature is warm enough for it to pass a drug test.
    Synthetic urine is also not detectable and can help you pass the drug test. This is because most laboratories do not usually test the genetic make out of the urine. All you have to do is keep the sample properly heated and preserved to pass for human urine.
  3. What is the ideal temperature for storing your fake urine?
    The recommended temperature for synthetic urine to pass a test should be around 370 C. Keep your fake urine sample in a cool, dry place to avoid changing the composition of your vial. You should also avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. You can store your vial in a fridge to avoid spoiling it or becoming damaged by the presence of a lot of heat. When buying synthetic urine, ensure it is kept in cold weather to prevent it from spoiling.
  4. What temperature should urine be for a drug test?
    For your synthetic urine to be considered a perfect sample, it should be between 97-990F. Any temperature below that is usually considered an anomaly, and the lab technician might ask you to retake the test. However, people with fevers sometimes might make the temperature of their fake urine rise if they opt to heat it using their bodies. However, you only need to be careful about two things. First, ensure that your sample is not too hot or too cold. If any of those situations occur, there is a high likelihood that you will be forced to retake your test or might end up failing your test because the sample you presented might be considered not credible enough for you to pass the test.
  5. How long does urine stay warm?
    Urine usually drops in temperature very quickly once it leaves the body. The normal average temperature for urine is usually around 90-98 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this might slightly differ if you just completed a workout. If you are going to use synthetic urine, you need to keep the urine temperature around the same temperatures that normal urine usually has. This way, you will avoid any doubt as to whether that is indeed your pee.
  6. How do you keep urine warm?
    There is a wide range of options to keep your urine warm. For instance, you can use hand warmers. You will need to put the pee in a plastic container and cover it with the hand container. However, make sure you heat the sample before you use it.
    Another way you can keep synthetic urine warm is through body heat. For example, you can keep the sample warm by putting it under your armpits. For men, you can place it near your crotch area. On the other hand, women can keep their synthetic urine hot by placing it between their thighs or in their bra to keep it warm.
  7. Do hand warmers overheat urine?
    Hand warmers generally rely on body heat to keep the urine warm. This means that the temperature might fluctuate based on whether your hands are warm or cold. Therefore, if you heat the urine first and then use hand warmers, you will be safer as your hands might not generate much heat.
  8. How much fake pee is needed for a drug test?
    For any usual drug test, the amount necessary for a drug test is usually around two ounces. However, not all samples can go well the first time. So you may need to give more than that. To be safe and for contingency, carry a little bit more synthetic pee for such emergencies.
  9. Can you make your synthetic urine?
    You can make your synthetic urine. If you have all the ingredients and mix them properly, you can make your synthetic urine. However, it would be best if you were very careful when preparing for such. You must also have high knowledge of chemicals. You can check this guide here on how to make your synthetic urine.
  10. Does synthetic urine expire?
    The average shelf life of synthetic, whether powdered or liquid, is usually 2 to 3 years or thereabout. That is how long synthetic urine can stay. It is also essential for you to keep the urine at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. However, once it is expired, it is challenging to pass a drug test using the synthetic urine vial you have chosen.
  11. Can you freeze urine for a drug test?
    Yes, you can freeze urine for a drug test. However, there are a few exceptions for when you cannot freeze synthetic urine. If the product is already expired, you cannot keep it warm, and if the product has been exposed to direct sun rays, it might not be easy to keep it frozen as the content is already compromised.
  12. Where can I buy synthetic urine locally?
    You can start by looking for shops online by searching stores that sell synthetic urine near me. However, it will help if you are very careful when shopping online. First, you can check the direct online website that manufactures the products or shops that sell the products. If you are getting them from Amazon, you can check the reviews to ensure that the product is credible and has delivered solid results. If you do not like online shopping, you can also buy it from Walmart’s local store, selling the products. Purchasing the products on-site allows you to look at the instructions, but you might not get the customer feedback that multiple reviews usually give.
  13. Are synthetic urine kits unisex?
    If you are worried that your test might show that you are pregnant during a test and you are a man, you do not have to worry about that. Most synthetic piss is usually unisex and can be used by men and women. However, some of the pee is usually tailored just for women, but the price is a bit higher for such samples.
  14. Do synthetic urine belts work?
    A synthetic urine belt comes in handy for your test. However, you need to wear it according to the instructions issued by the manufacturers to make it work.
  15. Is powdered synthetic urine good?
    Powdered synthetic urine works. However, it would be best if you were very careful when using it. This is because it comes with many instructions, and if you mess up in any step, you will fail your test.
  16. Does synthetic urine work for LabCorp’s urine test?
    Yes, any lab, including LabCorp, does not usually test for the genetic composition of a drug. This means that you can present synthetic urine, and it will pass for the real thing if you are careful and have followed all the instructions.
  17. Will LabCorp call if you fail a drug test?
    LabCorp does not necessarily tell you the results of your drug test. However, they might let you know if your sample is acceptable there and then on-site. It usually takes around two weeks to get your results which are generally relayed to your company or enforcement agency taking the test.
  18. Is it legal to use Synthetic urine?
    Technically, you cannot get into any legal trouble for owning synthetic urine. However, it depends on how you use this synthetic urine that might put you into trouble. If you use synthetic urine for cheating in a drug test and it is discovered, then there is a highly likely possibility you might get fired from your job. In some states, you might be arrested for fraud. This means that you have to be very careful about using synthetic urine to pass a drug test.


Synthetic urine is one of the best ways you can use it to pass a drug test. If you follow the instructions well, there is the likelihood you will pass the test. However, you need to keep the product at room temperature and ensure you use the kit well to avoid suspicion.

Have you ever used any synthetic urine? What was the experience like for you? Please let us know in the comments.